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The Advertising Department was established on 09.04.2008 and has started to accept students from the ÖSS Verbal Score type since the 2009/2010 academic year. There are many techniques used by organizations in order to respond to the rapidly increasing communication needs in our age, where rapid developments and changes are experienced intensely, the competitive environment is growing, and new investments and breakthroughs are observed in every field. The realization of the communication purpose, which is one of the most important of these techniques, plays an important role in the promotion and sale of related products or services. Within the scope of marketing communication studies, many phenomena such as advertising, advertiser, advertising agency, target audience, advertising environments form a bridge between the institution and the consumer and are seen as an action that reflects competition. In this sense, advertising gains importance in line with both the demands and expectations of the sector and the implementation of scientific studies. The aim of Ege University Faculty of Communication Advertising Department is; In the context of developing country conditions, meeting the qualified personnel deficit of the advertising sector and advertising, media planning, creativity, advertising campaign, agency management and management, consumer behavior, interpersonal communication etc. It can be summarized as providing training in fields and training staff who have the knowledge and equipment to make qualified production in accordance with international standards.

Mission of the Advertising Department; With the curriculum prepared in accordance with the requirements of the age and constantly updated, it has undertaken to train advertisers who are knowledgeable, educated, competent in their field, as well as having the necessary equipment in terms of professional ethical responsibilities required by having an academic education.

Vision of the Advertising Department; It acts with the aim of increasing our students' advertising knowledge, instilling team spirit, and enabling them to use their talents and interests creatively.

In the Advertising Department, in addition to theoretical knowledge -marketing, business, management, law, etc.-, planning and preparation of original studies, creative projects and applicable campaigns on advertising -creative thinking, copywriting, media planning, advertising campaign practices, consumer behavior, advertising photography, brand management, visual design in advertising, etc. It is aimed that students who pass these stages become more productive, active and creative in the sector.

In the Advertising Department, which aims to enrich education with theoretical as well as practical studies, competitions in the fields of communication, marketing and advertising (Aydın Doğan Young Communicators Competition, International Advertisers Association Advertising Campaign Competition) will enable students to meet the sector and put the theoretical knowledge they have acquired during their education into practice through project-based studies. , Just Marketing, Adventure Advertising Competition, etc.) projects are provided. Our students return from these competitions with awards.

Equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge during their education, students will find employment opportunities in the fields of communication, public relations and advertising, and they will be able to hold titles specific to these fields -advertiser, media planning specialist, customer representative, creative director, art director, trafficker, campaign planning specialist, strategic planning specialist, communication coordinator, advertising and communication manager, brand manager, marketing manager etc. Within this framework, graduate students will be able to undertake tasks such as customer relations, media planning, copywriting, graphic design, creative unit, strategic planning in national and international advertising companies. Those who successfully complete the program will be awarded a 'Bachelor's Degree from Ege University Faculty of Communication Advertising Department'.

Operating as one of the departments of Ege University Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising, within the scope of Advertising Department within the scope of Ege University Social Sciences Institute, offers Master's, Doctorate and Integrated Doctorate graduate programs in the field of Advertising with thesis; He also continues his Creative Writing master's program without thesis.

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