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The job description on the website of Ege University at is as follows: “Compensating regional, national and universal requirements in the field of education and research; educate individuals who are professionally and culturally equipped, open to change, and adopt scientific thinking as a way of life; To be a university that offers its knowledge for the benefit of society and adheres to its core values. To prepare the necessary environment for an education, scientific study and artistic production that is open to change, based on universal ethical and democratic principles. To be a unit open to ethics and change, committed to universal values, which will provide students with the necessary information and practice skills, knowledge and competence to become ideal media professionals.” The teaching objectives of our program are in direct consistency with both our university and our faculty. In other words, the aim of scientific study and art environment, which is included in the self-mission definition of our faculty, is one of the most important reasons for the existence of our program.

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