Çerez Örnek


Journalism Department; gives education in the departments of General Journalism, Press Economy and Management, Press - Broadcasting Technique, Informatics (Computer Technology and Communication). The purpose of the Department of Journalism is to bring trained personnel to the press sector. Department courses are organized as theoretical and practical. An intellectual background is needed in the profession of journalism, and in this context, close disciplines such as sociology, politics and philosophy are used. Theories of mass communication, the basic principles of the journalism profession and ethical values are among the basic courses. In addition to the theoretical courses, there are also practical courses. “Ege Ajans Haber Merkezi” within our faculty and “Kalem Gazetesi”, which is the application publication of the Department of Journalism, allows students to apply the information they have learned theoretically in practice through internships. Students who graduate from the Department of Journalism with a Bachelor's degree, work as journalists in local and national press, news agencies, and can be promoted to senior management positions in the media they work in a short time.

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